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Deaf / Hard of Hearing Text Service

Westdoc has a text messaging service which allows Deaf / Hard of Hearing people to have independent access to the Westdoc Out of Hours Urgent GP Service.

The initiative enables access to the Out of Hours GP Service for Deaf / Hard of Hearing clients who require medical attention without the involvement of a hearing person.

The objective is to provide a safe, cost effective text messaging service which is client /user friendly, efficient and confidential. It enables access to the Out of Hours GP Service for Registered deaf clients.

How to Register
  • Pre-registration form is completed by the Patient and posted /emailed to the Westdoc Call Centre Nurse Manager.

  • The patient is registered on the service database with all relevant demographic and medical information.

  • A text message is sent to the patient to confirm registration is completed and the patient is sent the designated Westdoc texting number.

Westdoc Deaf Texting Application form

Using the Deaf Texting Service
  • A registered deaf/hard of hearing person can contact Westdoc by sending a brief text message to the designated Westdoc texting number containing the person’s name, present location, the concerning illness and whether or not a visit to a treatment centre is possible.

  • The nurse replies to the text with the appropriate level of care and arranges a treatment centre appointment, home visit or direct referral to hospital, as warranted.

Link to Irish Text Relay system:

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